Why does TransparentNevada.com show the names of public employees?

Taxpayers have the right to know where their tax dollars are going. This includes the right to know the identities of those who receive money or other compensation from their government, and the amounts so received.

Keeping this information secret would clearly reduce the rest of us to second-class citizens. Thus, Chapter 239 of the Nevada Revised Statutes makes these and other records public. It also describes the process whereby any citizen can request these records.

It is as part of its broader effort to make Nevada governance as open and accountable as possible to the people of Nevada that TransparentNevada.com provides this information.

How is this salary data computed?

TransparentNevada is simply an informational service and has no particular policy positions of its own, per se, although the website's data may be referenced in other research projects performed by the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

What we report as base pay is base pay - and nothing else. All other pay categories (overtime, call back, clothing allowances, premium pays, certification pays, longevity, etc.) are added to this amount to compute "Total Pay." Reported benefits include employer-provided retirement, health coverage, and life insurance. The reported quantities reflect actual payroll records and are not computed from any pay schedule.

If you have a question about any particular value, we will be happy to provide the more detailed breakdown of pay by individual category. If you would prefer to confirm the values directly, we will be happy to provide the contact information for the respective public information from whom we originally received the data.

Why doesn’t the compensation amount on Transparent Nevada match the amount I receive in my paycheck?

Transparent Nevada lists an employee’s total compensation, including benefits like health insurance and pension payments, and an employee’s salary before any deductions for Social Security, Medicare, retirement, etc… are taken. In addition, we rely upon each agency to give us accurate and complete information.