Summary for Lincoln County

Total population 5,180
Total number of county employees 203
Total number of full-time,
year-round county employees
Median pay for full-time,
year-round county employees
Median pay and benefits for
full-time, year-round county employees
Total county employee compensation $7,806,641
Total county employee compensation
cost per resident
Median earnings for full-time,
year-round private workers


  • Full-time, year-round employees defined as those receiving a base salary equal or greater to their “annual salary minimum.” In the event this information is not provided, full-time employees are defined as those receiving at least $25,000 in base pay and receiving employer-paid benefits.
  • The values for total population and median earnings for full-time, year-round employed residents are from the most recent American Community Survey results as conducted by the United States Census Bureau.